English 125 - Section 22
spring 2009
Ms . Buthaina Alothman

students name :
- Essa Mahmud ALkandri
- Mohammed Essa ALmatouq
- Saad Alqaseer

Catch Me If You Can

This is a movie based on a true story. It is about a young man called Frank who had the ability of forging important ducuments, like certificates, money notes, and cheques. So, he used fake certificates that he made and presumed jobs that he was not qualified for. He also used a lot of stolen cash money that he got through phony cheques he created.. Obviously, these are all crimes of forgery, which he committed.

Moreover, detective Carol from the F.B.I wanted to catch Frank who was very clever and hard to catch. Detective Carol spent two years trying to catch Frank.

Finally detective Carol was able to arrest Frank while he was trying to cash some money from a bank with a false cheque that he forged in France. The French police took Frank to jail. Detective Carol took frank and deported him to the USA so that he can go through the trial process there. Later, the judge's sentence was that Frank had to spend the rest of his life in jail for forgery* and stealing. After a few years in prison, detective Carol offered Frank the chance to come out of prison if he helped him to find some documents that were forged. Frank accepted the deal, and by this he ended up working with Carol in the F.B.I and the two became close friends to this day!

(code 258)* :
Any one who commits forgery will be pushed up to three years in presentment , or a fine up to three thousand Robbie or any of these tow punishments .

( code 259 ) :
If forgery is in an official certificate or in banks paper work the punishment would be up to seven years in presentment and a fine up to seven thousand Robbie could be added .


In conclusion, the movie is one of the greatest criminal movies. It is characterized by its simplicity and interesting story. This story is focused on the most difficult puzzles in courts worldwide at the moment, which are forgery and identity theft. Essa, Mohammed, and Sa’ad recommend this movie to be watched by all lawyers because there are a lot of scenes in the movie that show how to recognize the some gaps in the legislative texts, and how the hero of the movie, Frank, managed to fool and deceive a lot of people through these gaps.. It is hoped that governments learn and benefit from this movie, especially in how to turn a criminal into a good citizen who would work for the government and help in uncovering crimes and criminals similar to those he committed. From this movie we learned how to change something bad to good that is capable of giving us a lot of benefits, as how to make a criminal a good person who helps the police in solving forgery and identity theft and fraudulent cases.


First, I'd like to thank you for your time and effort writing a movie review for your final project. Despite your busy schedule I can see that you have managed to do your group-writing and put together an interesting report. It'd be a good idea if you could embed a video clip or a link to a trailer of the movie. Moreover, I am assuming that this is your first draft, right? So, please try to proofread it as soon as possible to correct your grammatical and spelling mistakes. Please remember that our next face-to-face meeting in class is going to be on next Tuesday, June 9, 2009. If you wish to meet before that, just let me know. Thank you!
Buthaina AlOthman

Essa, here is the corrected version of your review report: